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Gernerally the Information Service contains the latest developments in European, Federal and State law, as far as it is relevant for manufacturing and workshop operating companies, inter alia in the following areas of law:

  • Waste
  • Soil contamination
  • Occupational health
  • Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Transport of hazardous goods
  • Immissions
  • Technical Safety and
  • Water

A further specialty: We also provide information on technical rules, such as TRBS, TRGS, TRBA, work place guidelines (ASR), occupational health rules (AMR) and bi- or multilateral special agreements relating to the ADR- and RID-Regulations.

We can add road haulage regulations or, after consultation, other related areas of law upon request.

The precise scope as well as the state law(s) relevant to you will of course be customized individually to you and your company! We agree with you which areas of law you need and settle the rest.

We are happy to assist you in advance in the compilation of the respective schedule of legal provisions for your company.