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ARNDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft is a small, highly specialized law firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It was founded in July 2012 by the lawyer and managing director Svenja Arndt who had previously worked for the medium-sized law firm Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch und Partner between 1995 until 2012 - thereof twelve years as a partner. The specialized areas which she has covered in the past are further developed and strengthened here.

We advise medium-sized but also large companies at home and abroad - also international company groups - in particular on data protection law and environmental and technical law. We aren't afraid of challenges, but by no means do we claim to be able to give you adequate advice also outside of our areas of specialization. But as we are well integrated in a national and international network we can either recommend a renowned specialist in independent law firms in good conscience or work together with them closely.

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